My apartment in CG

I was always fascinated by computer graphics. Recently I decided to learn more about the subject, and what better way than trying to model what I can see. This way I could focus on photorealism and inspect things closely until I create the closest approximation possible.

Everything in this image except a the wood material of the bed, and some image textures was created from scratch.

Created in blender and rendered with cycles.

500px slideshow

Turn any computer monitor into a photo frame with this unsplash slideshow app

Just double-click the included html5 file and let it display popular images from unsplash.

There are no options for this release. It just displays a different image every 50 minutes. Tested in firefox and chrome.

Source codeMonkey by Jared Rice


An interactive 3D sketch

Inspired by this sketch my brother did and this classic

See 3D model

One more second

This guy needs one more second to hack the system, will he manage to do it in time?.

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Parametric Bottle

A bottle designed to make it easy for artists to add many different bottles in their architectural visualizations

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Tutorial and render of a 3D building structure

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Low poly self portrait

This is how our overlord sees me up there on the thirteenth floor.

Basement hall

My first attempt at a 3D scene was an attempth to replicate a photo

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Apartment renovation concept

A 3D visualization of the proposed interior of apartment

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Old stuff – short film

Making a movie is a very rewarding experience. You get to learn a whole lot of different things, and allows one to appreciate the professional films quite a lot more. Writing the script, creating the props, lighting the sets, editing the footage, selecting the music, sound editing and color grading and everything else in between all give you something new and fun to work with. Was it a lot of work? You bet. But it was worth it, even if the result is just okay.

Primarily shot with a Nikon D750 and also edited with blender.

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FOSDEM 2015 talk — The challenges of open mobile design

Designing in the open has inherent difficulties as the danger of producing a camel always lurks. At the same time the status quo in mobile UI is consumption-oriented. These are the big challenges we face when working on Glacier UI for nemomobile and I believe they are worth talking about.

This talk starts with a brief introduction on ways to handle the risk of losing the vision and coherence of the design while still fostering participation, and how we are trying to do that on the nemomobile project. Being friendly and accepting proposals and at the same time keeping a grip on the focus of the design, in a project that lives exclusively on contributors' free time: compromises, solutions and ideals.

The rest of the presentation delves into the specifics of mobile OS interface design and how we try to evolve a mobile UI that enables productivity on a small screen as opposed to mere content consumption, with Glacier UI..

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nemomobile — GNU/Linux distribution for mobile phones UX design

Combining the experience of Sailfish, MeeGo and Maemo before it, nemomobile is a full GNU/Linux distribution for mobile phones. Find us on #nemomobile channel at freenode irc if you'd like to try it out and get involved.

Source Code...

3D printed AI conversion kit for NIKKOR-H Auto 28mm f/3.5 (and probably others)

I wanted to test the limits of the accuracy of my RepRap 3D printer and also make this old lens work on my modern Nikon without having to machine the original parts. I managed to do exactly that, and I think that the file should work fine on other lenses if you tweak the parameters.

Created with OpenSCAD.

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secos olive oil brand design

During my work at I had the chance to create the complete brand of secos olive oil, including the website, bottle labels, business cards, letterheads, folders, photography and CG renders of their two products.

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secos olive oil bottle design and render

Renders of the two secos products, in both sizes

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CHOLO – raspberry pi powered arcade machine

A nice project that involves carpentry, electronics and software: what more do you need?

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FOSDEM 2016 talk — Open source in non software design

Architectural, structural and other design domains could go open source

Inspired by the phrase 'We mean design in the broadest sense' on, this talk will discuss what are the opportunities and barriers of introducing open source mentality and workflow in domains of design that aren't software related. Engineering, architecture, even print and product design can all benefit from the open source way as born and developed in the software world. The current state, the arguments that can counter the common reservations and the possible barriers for introducing open source in a design shop.

Unfortunately the video of the presentation didn't survive...

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FOSSCOMM 2016 talk

An often overlooked capability of modern browsers is to render svg. This is usually used to replace traditional raster images, but what if we create whole websites with it? This presentation shows how svg and inkscape present a viable alternative for simple single-page websites and mockups. This talk aimed to show how to move from that to html efficiently but due to time constraints it stopped short of that goal.

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